Spring At Last.

1 1st greenAt last the spring has arrived with the first flush of spring green.  With warm weather forecast for over a week, the leafing out will happen fast.

2 aspensThis species of willow blooms now.  It has bright yellow blossoms.

3 willowBut although the temperature is warm, the sky is no longer blue.

3a clouds and mtThunder clouds built up.  We had a lightning storm, and even had a decent  rain! (for about an hour.)

4 green and cloudThe humming birds have been going crazy at the feeder.

6 hummer 1

7 hummer 2The rain, however, has come at a cost.  The lightning has already sparked off fires.  The evening light is filtered orange.

5 smoke lightEvery afternoon more thunder rumbles and I must shut down the computer system in case of a strike.  The blackflies are suddenly a real pest (but so far few mosquitos.)


IMG_3556And this morning smoke hid the mountains and filled our lungs with the acrid forest fire smell.  The sun rose blood red.

smoke sunrise



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