The Snow, At Last, Is Going.

1 bare ground out of windowThe snow at last is going.  I loosed the chains of winter.

2 loosed chainsBut back it came.

3 FALLING SNOWThe geese are trying to get north.

4 GOOSE IN SNOWWhen it cleared, it turned to rain.

6 rainNext day was foggy.

5 Finger Peak peekingThe next day, the mountains could not be seen, but a gleam of sun enriched the wet trees.

7 rich colours

The temperature dropped, and in the shade the raindrops had turned to ice.

8 frozen raindropsUp onto the north bluffs I went.

9 bluffs 1The naked sand is patterned by the wind and rain.

10 sand patternsWhat a change to walk on quiet, soft ground.  Here is a recent moose track.

11 moose trackAnd a much rarer sight – a caribou track.

12 cariboo trackThis burned stump yielded an unexpected lichen garden.

13 lichen garden 1

14 lichen garden 2Time to go home and beat the next bit of weather.

15 dunes 2


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