Happy Easter.

1 happy easterHappy Easter!

3 snowy aspens

2 snow and pussy willowsOn my way home from meeting Harry’s Rescuer (see previous post) I picked up the first volunteers of the season.  Johannes and Hannah are from Germany.  The most important job at the moment is burning brush.  There is only a narrow window between when it is dry enough to burn and when it becomes too dry.  The continuous dumps of snow are helping to extend the season.

Most of the Easter snow melted by the end of the day, but it is not very warm.  I plan on putting a yurt on this site.

4 HannahThese guys are exceptional workers.

5 Johannes

6 bothWe let the celebrations of Easter pass us by – but the Easter bunny came.  The dogs caught it and ate it.

7 easter bunnyThe ponds were all open further east and south, but there were surprisingly few birds on them.  Is it because the birds haven’t figured the early spring out yet, or is it because they’ve already passed by.  My pond and the local lakes are still frozen.  However, there is bird movement.


8 crowFlicker trying to accommodate himself to the suet cage:

9 flickerEaster, of course, is timed to coincide with the full moon.  At last we had enough clear sky to make it work!

10 moon 1

11 moon 2

12 moon 3



One thought on “Happy Easter.”

  1. Robins are a sure sign of Spring in southern Ont.
    My first sighting this year was Feb. 1, however, this month was the coldest on record since the ’70’s.
    I wonder if it survived.

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