Winter Wonderland

The woods had filled with snow people.

1a snow people pointing


1 snow people 1

Mother and child

2 mother and childAnd snow mice

2a snow mouseAnd even snow flamingos!

2b flamingoAnd of course, snow dogs.

4 dogs and snow

3 harry

The first trail I broke was down towards the river cabin.

3a snowshoe track

It was still standing!

5 river cabinThe river had frozen some more but although the temperature had risen to about -25C by the afternoon, fog rose from the open water.

6 river fog

The sun shining through the snow was beautiful.

7 snow light

8 snow light 2That evening, the light was gorgeous.

11 bay window evening

The sun set to the left of Finger Peak, heading for it’s final winter place.

12 window sunsetThe icicles above the window were orange.

13 red icicles

The next morning was a little warmer – only -35C.  Frost patterns had formed on window of the outer door.  This is not common here – such patterns need moisture.  But the dogs spend time in the outer room when they are not inside my living area.

15 ice on windowThe poor whiskeyjack was not quite so excited about the situation.  (He even has crystals on his eyelashes.)  Did you know that such birds have a kind of antifreeze in their legs to stop them freezing solid?

16 whiskeyjackThe second day did not stay sunny for long.  Soon there was a mix of cloud.

10 sun and shadowAnd on the third day it was only -25C in the morning.  Three male pine grosbeaks arrived and they did not look half as cold.

17 pine grosbeakSun, cloud and a bit of fog followed.   One morning a gleam of sun hit the cottonwoods across the river.

14 morning glowThat night, a growing moon basked in the afterglow.

18 moonb



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