SquamishSquamish is an hour’s drive up the coast from Vancouver (on the way to Whistler.)  It is home to the Stuwamish Chief, a world-class destination for climbers, and is a mix of sea life and high mountains.  First I visited the estuary.

10 Squamish estuary

Where grew a lovely fly agaric mushroom obviously eaten by something.  It is highly hallucinogenic so maybe there is a slug somewhere having a great trip….

fly agaric mushroomDowntown, there was an interesting art installation.  From the ground it looked like this.

13 art installation 2From a viewing platform, it looked like this.  Here is the history.

14 wolf

My friends lived not far from the first picture on this post, and from their house it was a short drive to the start of the trail into the Garibaldi Park.  At first the trail slogged up through the coastal rain forest with its dank growth of greenery.  (Everyone was complaining about the drought, but it was all dripping!)

garibaldi park

16 coast forest

17 stump garden

19 2 mushrooms

This bracket fungus was wearing Christmas lights…

21 fungus with christmas lights

The fog thickened as I climbed, and quite suddenly I reached the subalpine level, which was glorious with fall colours.  I had not expected to see any after I left home so this was a wonderful surprise.

22 fog

23 fall coloursThe sitka mountain ash was yellow

24 mt ashThe blueberries and huckleberries were red.

25 red coloursAnd the fruit on them!  It was a real taste of Nuk Tessli.

black huckleberries

About 2 hours up was a cabin, and nearby an outhouse.  They get a lot of snow up there!

27 outhouse

28 ash

29 trailThe trail went on for miles but I had to speak at the Squamish library that night so turned back after lunch.  It was a real treat to see this country – and, because it was Monday, to be alone for a few hours in the mountains.

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  1. quite a stunning surprise to see the wolf from stone and wood!

    your images of fog and forest are a breath of fresh air.

    hope the tour is going well and that your book is being well received.
    Barbara recently posted…IdiosyncrasiesMy Profile

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