Cool and Cloudy at Ginty Creek

Finger Peak sunriseHow glorious to see the sky clear again at Ginty Creek.

Nogwhon at sunrise

The clarity was the precurser to cool and cloudy weather.

4. evening

Showers, and even rain was forecast.  In over a week, we had: one small shower, one dribble, and a few spits.

The pond had two remaining puddles.

6. puddle 1

Then there was only one.

7 last puddleIt was seething with life.  The mud was too soft to get to the edge and my photos were not good enough to determine what was wriggling around in there.  A friend suggested snowshoes and this is what I saw.

8 in pond oneTwo kinds of snail, mini freshwater clams, and this same creature darting and wriggling about but they are too translucent to show up in the above pic.

Here is a better one.

9. pond 2

They appear to be some kind of shrimp.  I don’t know if they are full grown, or a larva or something else.  They are about 1 cm long.

10 pond 3 - shrimps

Then came the day when “periods of rain” was forecast.

rain over Finger PeakExcitedly, I watched the curtains of water obscuring the mountains all day.

But they never came here.  It stayed cold and windy, and in the evening, the sky cleared to reveal a skiff of new snow on the mountains.

12 fresh snowThe forecast now is for another week of hot, cloudless weather.

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