79th Anahim Lake Stampede

1 ParadeWe were just in time for the 79th Anahim Lake Stampede parade.  The Anahim Lake Stampede is one of the Chilcotin’s oldest traditions.

2 parade 3 carsThe clinic is on the reserve at Anahim.

3 parade health deptWhat these kids, or the vehicle, had to do with the Anahim Lake Airport, I am not quite clear….

4 parade airportCarey Price, the Olympic gold medal hockey player, was raised at Anahim.  Being part First Nations he is very much a local hero.

5 parade, Carey PriceThese people were a little late and got mixed up with the parade.  Wonder what is going through this horse’s mind…..

6 horse's eyeA colourful character was dressed to the nines and was leading a horse draped with wolf skins.  I didn’t speak to him but I would bet the farm that he is German.  No Canadian would outfit himself like that…

7 Parade GermanThe first event was calf roping.

8 calf ropingThis contestant was one of the few to get the lasso in the right place.

8a calf roping, lassooThe second roping contest was harder.  The first rider had to lasso the head, the second catch a hind foot.

9 double calf roping 1

Not many succeeded.

10 double calf ropingNext was the junior steer riding…. What are they doing to me????

10a junior steer riding waitingWell, that didn’t take long.

13 junior steer riding 3

12 junior steer riding 2And another moment of truth…

11 junior steer riding 1

Whoo Hooooo!

14 pair of heelsOne had to pay $20 to enter the business-man’s cow riding competition.  (There were not many takers.)

14a businessman's cow ridingThe day was mostly cool and dull, which was a blessing for both audience and animals alike.

15 crowd FredThis boy seemed to have a permanent smile on his face.

16 crowd, boyI enjoy taking snapshots of people.

17 crowd, woman

At one point it even rained a bit (although there had obviously been nothing at at my place when we arrived home.  Anahim Lake is an hours’ drive from Ginty Creek.)  Crowds, and umbrellas, are quite a novelty for me!

18 crowd umberellasThe rain quit by the time the barrel racing was under way.

18 barrel racing 1

19 barrel roping first nationsUnlike at the Tatla Lake gymnkhana not many young kids competed but his little girl could sure ride…

20 barrel racing girlNow came the biggest event of the day.  With a lot of clanging and banging, the big bulls were put into the chutes.

21 bulll in chuteThe first buck (note that all four feet are off the ground.)

22 bull first buck

And another rider bites the dust.

23 bull another bites the dust

(Rather him than me!)


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