Manuscript Sent To Publisher

Finger PeakAfter the cold spell it was back to storms and thaws.  Some pretty lighting effects, though (are you getting tired of these?)

2 storm clouds



3 storm clouds 2Winds blowing like crazy again.

4 blowing snowPerkins Peak:….

5 perkins peakThe river still has a tiny bit of open water.

6 riverWe’ve had a couple of little snowfalls.

7 A Little SnowI had expected the manuscript of Book Number 11 to take about 3 weeks to finish.  Instead I added a lot therefore had to restructure the original.  Six read-throughs took about 7 weeks.  I sent the text off electronically but some of the illustrations had to be drawn – that took more time – then I had to send them off by snail mail.

8 KK P OMy mailing address is Nimpo Lake but I passed the Kleena Kleene Post Office en route to Tatla Lake.  This building was an elderly woman’s house when I arrived in the area but she died a few years ago.  The P O used to be in an old log cabin a couple of kilometres away that once did duty as a store but it was abandoned.  Green mail boxes were put outside.  Then, for a while, the KK P O  was simply an SUV.  The lady who ran it would go to the green mailboxes on mail days (three times a week) and sit there for 2 hours dealing with mail.  The owner of the old log cabin got fed up with this use of his property so one day the mail carrier threw the mail boxes into his truck and dumped them off outside this building.  Canada Post has since ratified the situation and fitted up all the electronic gear.  Now a different lady, Melanie, drives down to attend to P O business.  (The decor came with the building.)  That is my parcel of illustrations on the scale.

9 MelanieI continued to Tatla, used the church’s washing machine and went to the library, then joined friends for a ski.  Tatla Lake has a great network of cross country ski trails.  My dogs loved visiting with the other mutts.

10 Dog visitsI was intrigued with this bench.  A tree had fallen over the trail; some bright spark had trimmed the end, put a couple of rounds under it, and voila – a seat.  (Jeannie is sitting on it.)

11 log seatA day or two later another cold front came down – only -26C this time.

12 This morning.A cold wind made walking not so comfortable so I didn’t go far.

13 From the Bluff.



8 thoughts on “Manuscript Sent To Publisher”

  1. Hi, CC, good to see you posting again. And I like the ‘pole’ building that you and K built. Pretty rustic. Real.
    As you know, Sal and I do something similar in lifestyle to you…maybe a smidge softer. And I write a blog about it but it is a bit more eclectic than the title ( might suggest. I tend to rant now and then. About anything. Plus Sal and I lived back in the city for 4.5 months this winter (not from desire but to help friends and say goodbye to a dying one). So, we are not pure wool, so to speak.
    I meant to ask about your publishing………..
    I thought Harbour Publishing was your publisher but then I noticed that you sell your books directly. Does that mean I was wrong about HP? Or is it a cooperative thing? Another question: how many do you sell a year? What kind of market do we wilderness types-who-write have? My blog gets about 300 readers a day but I am pretty sure there are only about 500 regular followers half of which are Russian-Chinese cyber robots looking to do some kind of weird internet crime. So, I really have no idea.
    My plan is to write a short book and maybe wander around a bit doing a show and tell with my intrepid editor-wife (only an editor by decree). It would be nice to be able to anticipate enough of an audience to pay for the gas………….?
    By the way, would you be willing to read the first draft?

  2. I too never get tired of your beautiful mountain photos, or your dogs. I am so pleased to see my friend, sweet Jeanie, out and about.

  3. I, too, am looking forward to your book. I commented last time on your pictures, specifically, your dogs, Ruby and the amazing bird. It didn’t make it to your blog I guess.
    I love the pictures and always look forward to them and the little stories that go with some of them.
    Did you Robin stick around in the cold spell?

  4. Heh There
    Please keep the photos coming. I love seeing your neck of the woods and it will help me with visualizations when I read your new book! I enjoy your posts very much. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congratulations on the book, must be a huge weight off your mind and you’ll have loads more free time now as well. Love the pics as always, although they do send a shiver when I look at the snow, love it as I do, we don’t get enough here. Nice to see you are out on skis again, I take it your knee is getting better now then. I love to x-country ski as well, but not much opportunity where I live, I managed it last year for about a week, but no snow at all this year!

  6. Chris we NEVER tire of your photos !!! We love them all !!
    So happy to hear the manuscript is on its way.
    Looks like your weather is still up and down.

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