New Moon

new moon at ginty creekRight around the time of the new moon, the temperature dropped a little.  (Note the new moon has “the old moon in her arms.”)

We had some lovely frosts.

2 frost crystalsIMG_5536



2a frost



3 frost 2Lots of you have asked about Ruby.  She is settling in well.  I’ve never seen a cat so uninterested in moving things, though.  Her previous owner’s house was apparently full of mice.  One of Ruby’s favourite spots was to crawl under the solstice tree.  She would set everything swaying and never touched a thing.

4 Ruby and treeI didn’t want her experimenting with my microgreens garden, though, so I put up a bit of chicken wire.

Ruby at the windowThe weather has stayed a bit cooler but we have not had a great deal of sun.  One day we had a spectacular sunset.

6 sunset 1



7 sunset 2The following morning, the colour was all in the sunrise.  You can see how little snow there is on the mountains.

8 sunriseThe next day, we had a little tiny skiff of snow.

9 sunrise little snowAnd the day after that, water had flowed over the pond.

10 water on iceYesterday, we had a snowfall warning, but we’ve had two others this winter and nothing came of it here.  I would believe it when I saw it.  And this is what it looked like this morning.

11 snowing!



12 snowing 2It’s supposed to dribble snow on and off over the next couple of days, but the forecast is for a major thaw so how much of it will stay remains to be seen.


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3 thoughts on “New Moon”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I would not let Ruby out.The coyotes will get her or a cougar. I think she’s still getting use to her new home and she’s probably shocked by everything.Poor pets get lonely without their owners so thank goodness you’re nice to her. For some reason I get a real loving vibe from her, just looking at her.She seems sweet but afraid. She needs time to get accustomed.
    It’s good to know you’ve been out and about since your knee issue.
    Can’t wait for your book !!

  2. Ruby seems to be settling in quite well: no sign of the dogs.
    Gorgeous sunset.
    We had a thaw of +9 C. yesterday, turning the snow covered ice into a slippery sliding affair.
    Hopefully your snow lasts for a while.
    Barbara recently posted…Can You See Him?My Profile

  3. Hi Chris, Your new friend looks so beautiful ! What amazing paws and eyes. We rescued a kitty a year ago too. I read your story on how you got her. Cats can be such good friends. she warned us about a leaky toilet that would have been a disaster if it wasn’t for her warning us. She let us know when a letter was outside the door we would not have gotten. She tells me things all the time, in her special way. Please be so loving to your new kitty.They get afraid especially since you’re so new to her and her surroundings are new. They love to be loved and know they are.They love chasing little foil balls and string etc. Playing with them is a time to bond and they feel loved. You probably know these things but I just thought I’d mention them in case because you’ve had dogs. I never use to like cats until I met a few that were darlings. You know how people say cats don’t play?…well they do quite a bit but when the owners teach them not to by not playing with them they just stop playing. Sometimes they get so playful they accidentally scratch but they’re just playing. They also like to exercise by having their super-run around the house.They’ll run so fast and climb things fast for a few seconds just to exercise. I use to think they were just crazy cats but they do exercise that way. I especially like your pictures…amazing !
    It’s a huge treat to see them ! I haven’t written in a long time because I can get chatty but I watch your blog and photos all the time.
    Love you Chris and kitty and dogsie !!
    Monika (HUGS)

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