The hot, sunny weather continued.  But the nights were often cold – once down to minus 14 C.  Because we had a bit of a rain, there was enough moisture on the vegetation to make a white frost.

frosty sedgesIt is fun getting among the vegetation with the lens on maximum zoom.

2 curly leaf


dwarf birch leaf


4 sun coloursIf you catch the angle right, you can pick up out-of-focus frost crystals.  They make interesting constellations behind the vegetation.

5 sedge and constellations


6 strange moon


7 planetsThe rushes were full of fairy lights.

rushesFor many days, the pond would freeze over but thaw in the afternoon.  Finally, on the 26th October, it stayed frozen.

9 ice on pondThis has been an extraordinarily beautiful Indian Summer.

One thought on “Frost”

  1. I love your frost pictures – especially the ones done with max zoom. What is the maximum zoom on your camera? How are the new residents of Gabriola doing? Quite a switch from the Chilcotin but beautiful.


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