Bella Coola Petroglyphs

It is a short, if rather steep and muddy, walk up Thorston Creek to the Bella Coola Valley petroglyphs.

Thorston Creek near Bella CoolaThe trail took us through classic coastal rain forest.

Bella Coola rain forestThe mushrooms were fantastic

3. mushrooms a

4. mushrooms bThe trail was a bit precarious in places

5. trail to p[etroglyphsBut the petroglyphs are amazing.

Bella Coola petroglyphsThe local Nuhalk people have incorporated them into the legends.

Archeologists say they are much older than the arrival of the Bella Coola people.

Nuhalk petroglyphsNo matter which, they are wonderfully mysterious and perfectly located in this magical forest.

Bella Coola petroglyphs


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