It’s good to be home!

The days are short: the sun clears the east ridge at around 9.00am and sets at 3.30 pm, well to the south of Finger Peak.

(By the way, many people told me they tried to google Finger Peak.  This is a local name: it has no name on any map, like most of the mountains around here.  Finger Peak does not even register on Google Earth – I have tried to find it many times!)

There is not a lot of snow here.

With my new Canon SX50 camera, I can zoom right in!

There has been a mix of sun and cloud.  I loved the way the light caught this old truck.  (Yup, those are bullet holes in it!)

The camera takes pretty reasonable close-ups, too.

And of course it’s great for taking snapshots of birds around the feeder:

Black-capped chickadee

Whiskey jack (or grey jay, or Canada jay)

And, stars of the show at this time, male pine grosbeaks.

3 thoughts on “It’s good to be home!”

  1. Your blog is looking good, Chris; though this font is very small.

    I’ve been gradually reviewing my blog posts – going back to 2004. I’m diverting any of your book links to your new page on this blog. It should boost your traffic a little.

    I wish you a good holiday season.

    – Jeffrey

    1. I think the pictures are way too small too. They need to be huge.That way you enjoy them more.If the images stay this small I just won’t visit this blog anymore

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