More Winter at Ginty Creek

A long time since I have written as I have been very busy.  First I worked on the manuscript for Ginty’s Ghost (my 10th book, coming out in the fall) with the editor.  This took many days because my computer is ancient and our programs were not compatible.  All sorts of funny thing were happening!

Then I went to Williams Lake, and was away 3 days.  The weather has been mostly very cold, gloomy and windy this month.  Highway 20 on the way to town looked mostly like this:

Chilcotin highway

My road is still covered with snow so it was a real surprise to find that Highway 20 was bare and dry all the way to town.  Just a few miles east of my roadway, even the land had hardly any snow.

At Ginty Creek, however, the temperature has dropped well below freezing at night – this morning it was -18C.  About a week ago, it was -25C, and that is when the first spring migrants arrived, the male redwing blackbirds.

redwing blackbirds


Unlike further east, here it just keeps snowing.  there is still not a lot, but there is more than we have had all winter.  Once in a while during these cold, dark three weeks, we have had a spectacular part of a day.

sunrise on an un-named peak

clear morning at Ginty Creek

The cold has kept the snow fluffy and easy to travel on.

south bluffs at Ginty Creek

Tree shadows make interesting shapes over uneven ground.

shadows on snow at Ginty Creek

The river is still frozen over in most places.

McClinchy River

But the earlier species of pussy willows have suddenly popped out.

pussy willows

Bella Coola seems to have solid rain or snow.  This means that the mountains are usually hidden so this sunset was a lucky one.

sunset at Ginty Creek


2 thoughts on “More Winter at Ginty Creek”

  1. Hello Chris, good to hear that you are hale and hearty. When you didn’t write for a while my husband and I were concerned that you might be ill. No pressure needless to say, but we do enjoy reading your doings and enjoy very much your wonderful photographs.

    Here on Vancouver Island we have had snow in the early morning, pouring rain and sometimes sunshine in the late afternoon. Our weather is up side down for sure. Grandson in Ottawa tells us that skiing has finished at areas close to the city, their garden skating rink was only usable for three weeks, it just kept melting and now their flowers are appearing way ahead of us on the high part of Chemainus.
    What a weird winter this has been. We see that Highway 20 was bare for your travels to Williams Lake, a treat in mid March.
    Take care of yourself. We really enjoy reading your site. Anne Silins

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