A gray time at Ginty Creek

After Barry had gone I had time to look around.  All the fall colours had gone.  Dull weather added to the gloom.

gloomy finger peakIt was time to look for subjects of shape rather than colour.  Here are some rock cress seedheads.

rock cress seedheadsFor three days, the temperature did not go below freezing, even at night, but the pond stayed frozen.

sun on the ice at Ginty CreekHere is a bleached downed cottonwood tree washed shiny by the river.

cottonwood treeThe grasses provide the only colour.

grass and barn at Ginty Creek

Here are two clumps spangled by frost.

Despite the gloom, it has been pretty dry with only a few flakes of snow now and then.  Dryness means that the frost does not make big crystals unless the object is close to open water.

plants by Ginty Creek



One thought on “A gray time at Ginty Creek”

  1. Chris,
    I really enjoy reading your Blog. We have had a really mild winter here at the 108 Ranch. I have been writing Haiku’s (natureshaiku.com) with images of the Chilcotin that I have taken on my trips with Chris Harris which you might enjoy. Keep reporting!
    Mike Duffy

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