Mammaries 31 August 2011 part one

More wind and rain and then another fabulous day.  Otter Lake was like a mirror.

fallen tree at Otter LakeBecause of the wet spring and summer, we have a lot of mushrooms.  Higher up in the forest was this large clump of cauliflower mushroom that grew so strongly, it pushed up a chunk of forest floor.

cauliflower mushroomThe bottom of Long Meadow had a nice display of common red paintbrush.

paintbrush in Long Meadow

at the top of Long Meadow a nice clump of Mountain Arnica was blooming.

Mountain ArnicaBecause I was alone, I did not stick to the trail and wandered over the tundra above the treeline.  Here is a nice view of my lake with cotton grass in the foreground.

common cotton grassBog orchids were still plentiful – their perfume was divine – her are some mixed with sword-leaved scenecio.

bog orchids and sword-leafed scenecioI followed the creek up to the Mammary Lakes.


One thought on “Mammaries 31 August 2011 part one”

  1. Hi chris, great photos again, love the one of the paintbrushes, must of beennice to be on your own for a change, hope your weather stays dry !!, it’s starting to feel
    Cooler here in nanaimo, take care chris

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