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Usually I don’t get back to Ginty Creek until later in September.  But, although I had a very busy season at Nuk Tessli,  I had no clients for this month, and as there was such a lot of work to do at Ginty Creek, I thought I might as well fly out early.

The Chilcotin is a gentler landscape than Nuk Tessli.  The mountains in front of my window here are lower and have much less snow.  But still they hold the colour of the sunrise. The slab of fog is lying over the lake across highway 20

Ginty Creek sunrise

I have rarely seen the Chilcotin in summer.  Usually I leave when the leaves are just opened on the trees, and arrive back when they are just about to fall off.  So I am not used to seeing such heavy deciduous foliage.  However, it is already beginning to turn yellow, and most of the plants among the grasses have produced their seeds.

seedheads at Ginty CreekNo one can ever remember seeing so much grass! In places, it is quite sparse.

sparse grass at Ginty Creek

But in others it is thick  as hair on a dog’s back.  Near the rhubarb patch by the Packrat Palace it is chest high.

chest high grass at the packrat palace

As usual, the aspen trees are infected with leaf miners, but the infestation is not excessive this year.  I call them circuit board bugs as that is what they remind me of.

circuit board bugs

The ponds have water in them this year but they are well grown with vegetation.

pond at Ginty CreekAnd on the one below my house, a group of juvenile mallards have made their temporary home.

mallards at Ginty Creek

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