Sunrise 6th August 2011

There is a viewpoint on the lake which is the best place to watch the sunrise.  It takes about 10 minutes to canoe round there.  At this time of year we leave about 5.30 am by the clock.  We arrived just before the light hit Mount Monarch.

nuk tessli sunriseThe advantage of the canoe trip is that behind the island the lake is calmer and you can usually see reflections.  Rapidly, the light changed.

nuk tessli sunrise 2Sam took the canoe back into the water.

Sam canoeing at sunriseAnd the light changed again

sunrise at Nuk TessliSam took this photo of a tree.

sam's photo of a treeAnd here we are canoeing home for breakfast.

sam in canoe

3 thoughts on “Sunrise 6th August 2011”

  1. Chris:

    Like Toni and Colin, I always enjoy your photographs. I was recently travelling in Costa Rica and thought of you and what great pictures you could get of the birds there.

    Keep it up! Thanks!

  2. I always look foreward to reading your blog Chris but your photos are so spectacular that I’m now looking foreward to them too. It’s so peaceful up there and not a lot of smog to get in the way. You can see and feel that in the photos.

    Your friend Toni in Victoria.

  3. Great photos chris, hope the good weather keeps up for you, it’s been along time coming,
    All the best

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