Bus tour at Nuk Tessli

No, the bus cannot drive to Nuk Tessli.  Instead, participants are flown in by a fleet of float planes.  (Nice handbag, Ian.)

plane at my dockThe party is divided into three groups.  Each group visits for between two and three hours.  The rest of their day is taken up with a flight-seeing tour over the glaciers and a hike to Hunlen Falls.  This part of the tour is orchestrated by Tweedsmuir Air.  Most of the bus tours that come to me are run by Wells Gray Tours.

Nuk Tessli's dockI take them for a walk around the property….

bus tour participants…and invite them in for a piece of stone-oven bread and a cup of tea.

tea at Nukj TessliMost of the participants have read my books and know more about me than I do!

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