Mammaries 27th July 2011 Part Two

At the last cairn we split up.

decisions at the last cairn

The Mammary ponds were now free of ice.

Mammary ponds and Mt AdaI walked around the left-hand side to the saddle in the background and looked back the way I had come.

The flowers on the Mammaries were in the half-way stage.  The earlier ones were looking a bit tatty and the later ones had not yet emerged.  Climate-wise it was like it usually is in mid July.  Everything is still 2 weeks late.

Jacob’s Ladder was in its prime.

Jacob's LadderHere is a close-up of this pretty little plant.

jacob's ladder close-upMoss Campion was now in full bloom.

moss campion on The MammariesWhite Mountain Avens and yellow heather arranged themselves prettily in front of the north ridge

yellow heather and white mountain avens

At the top of the Mammaries a clump of Potentilla was spectacularly located.


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