Mammaries 11th July 2011 part two

It was not until we had almost reached the summit of the Mammaries that we encountered the alpine flowers.

Eight-petalled avens

eight-petalled avensRoseroot with a single Moss Campion flower peeping underneath

Moss Campion beneath roseroot

A perfect clump of the mysterious ciquefoil I cannot identify.

cinquefoilThe gloomy weather enhanced the colours – here are yellow heather and the white arctic heather – the latter grows only at high altitudes here.

yellow and arctic heather

Then, most precious of all, we found the amazingly blue alpine foregetmenot.

Alpine Forgetmenot

The weather was now getting worse.

near the top of The Mammaries

And at the very top, we were dumped on by a heavy shower.  Rain accompanied us the rest of the way home.

Worsening weather atop the Mammaries



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