Voting Day

I had to drive an hour each way to the Anahim Lake Courthouse to vote.

Anahim Lake courthouseWhat you might call the Atco Revival style of architecture.

Court is held only 4 times a year.  It used to be held in a pub, but the pub closed.  Mostly drink-related crimes.  Serious offenses would be tried in Williams Lake or the Lower Mainland.  The bottom of the ramp is littered with cigarette butts where the offenders have rapid consultations with their court-appointed lawyers.

Inside, two ladies are manning the election booth.

inside the Anahim Lake Courthouse

On the way to Anahim I passed through Nimpo Lake.  Usually the ice has gone by the end of April but it looks like being one of the latest years ever.

Nimpo Lake is still frozenThe swans are trumpeters.  The two grey ones are young ones from last year.

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