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Early local flowers at Nuk Tessli

This is typical of the high-altitude forest at Nuk Tessli – mostly whitebark pine.

A friend came to stay for a week.  She is an ardent photographer so we went on several very slow hikes.  The first took us over some bluffs with great views of the lake.  You can just see the cabins half hidden by the island on the right.  Mount Monarch is newly snowed up in the clouds behind.

Nuk Tessli from the Bluff Trail

But because Doreen and I are both keen photographers, we enjoyed the small things just as much:

A whitebark root

Chambers in a rotten tree made by carpenter ants – looks like a cave with stalactites!

Bark texture from another whitebark pine tree

And of course the flowers;

Bog Laurel

And again, with yellow heather

Yellow anemone

Variable willow

Marsh violets

Northern anemones

It was rainy quite a lot during Doreen’s stay.  I tried to capture the drops on the reflections near the pond lily leaves.