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Autumn fog at Ginty Creek

Sleet and rain yesterday.  This morning dawned dull and gloomy…

dull morning at Ginty Creek… but it soon turned into the magic of fog.

orange aspens at Ginty CreekOut I went into the wetlands again and did the big zoom panning thing to see what I came up with.

single twig at Ginty Creek

Dwarf birch leaves glow like embers against the mist.

dwarf birch at Ginty CreekFluffy variable willow seed is spangled with water.

wet variable willow seed at Ginty CreekA lone aspen stands guard over the carpet of dwarf birches.

lone aspen in Ginty Creek's wetlandsThere are grassy knolls up against the wetlands.  The fall is such a textural time of year.

grassy knoll at Ginty CreekI have not yet learned the names of the grasses, but they are all beautiful.

grass with dwarf birch at Ginty Creek