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The Mammaries July 4th, 2011

On July 3rd, 4 birders arrived at Nuk Tessli to do some surveying for the BC Bird Breeding Atlas.  I have been sending records in but my birding skills are limited.  These guys really knew what to look for.

The following day looked to be the best of a bad lot weatherwise, so we climbed the north ridge.  A previous client named these two hills “The Mammaries.”  Rob was not about to let that go without a comment!

Rob at The MammariesBirding was poor.  It was cold and blowy up there, and we had to cross quite a lot of snow to get to the bare ridges.  North pass lake, far below in the next valley, was still frozen.

North Pass Lake

But it was amazing to see which flowers were starting to bloom.

Globe flower

globe flowers near The Mammaries

A Potentilla (or Cinquefoil) that I used to know as P. villosa, but, as with most plants since DNA has been used to catalogue them, it is now something else but I am not sure what.  It looks so striking against the black lichen on the rocks.

Potentilla villosa maybeAnd then there was the Roseroot.

Roseroot on The Mammaries