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Mammaries 11th July 2011 part one.

The birders have left Nuk Tessli and the current clients for the Nuk Tesssli Alpine Experience are three women hikers.  The day before they arrived was gorgeous.  Now it is socked in and pouring rain.

Yesterday was dry but very gloomy at first, and we headed for the North Ridge again.  A lot of the snow has now gone, and mountain meadow buttercups have joined the globe flowers on Long Meadow.

Mountain Meadow buttercups and globe flowers

Higher up we encountered snow again.  It was a still, comparatively mild day, and the bugs loved it.

Snow and bugs at th top of Long MeadowTen are easily visible in the photo.  There were a lot more!  (That is my lake in the background.)

The two little lakes below the Mammaries were starting to thaw and the lighting was very dramatic.  (This was the picture with the least bugs in it: one is visible against the water in the bottom quarter.)

reflections below the MammariesWe reached the saddle overlooking the next valley.  North Pass Lake was almost completely open.

North Pass LakeWe climbed up the western shoulder of the Mammaries.

North Pass Lake below the Mammaries