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The first hint of spring at Ginty Creek.

This morning’s rain did not last long.  It was the first precipitation (except for the odd frozen snowflake) that we’ve had for weeks.  We had a few days of really lovely warm weather (although freezing at night) then it got cold again.  The winds have been really bad all winter, and very cold these last 2 months.

But things are moving despite the conditions.

Jacob’s Ladder (named for the “rungs” on the leaves) is out.

Soopolallie bushes are loaded with their tiny green blossoms.  (This is a male bush.  Female flowers are less fuzzy.)

The dwarf birch is always the first to show green leaves

The cottonwood buds are much more spiky

When the rain stopped, I went for a walk in the cool, sweet-smelling air, and was rewarded with the first misty clouds of spring green.