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Mammaries 31st August 2011 part three.

At the top of the first peak were clumps of cut-leafed fleabane.

cut-leafed fleabaneAnd on the saddle between the mammary peaks, several specimens of alpine goldenrod were blooming.

alpine goldenrodAs were a lot of spotted saxifrage.

spotted saxifrage

All these were very late; and yet there was much evidence of the coming fall.  Roseroot makes just as much of a show at the end of the season as when it is in flower.

roseroot in fall colours

roseroot on the ridgeAnd the snow willow glowed like jewels among the black lichens on the rocks.

snow willow and black lichenThe wet meadows below the peaks had their end-of-season scruffy look.  It is obviously not going to be the best year for them.  Most of the colour now was made by spear-leafed scenecio.

meadows below the Mammaries

There was a small breeze above the treeline but I could see by the lower lakes that there had been very little air movement all day.  And, strangely enough, for it was hot enough to need no coat even at the top, there were very few bugs.   Otter lake, as I came down, was as motionless as it had been early that morning.

clouds reflected in Otter LakeNo, that is not the sky that you are looking at: it is the reflection of clouds in the water.