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Mini Heatwave

1 hot morningAgain, my excuse for not posting sooner is work.  I finalized the listing for the property for sale,  and cleaned out the cabin on that property.  What a job!  I can no longer kneel after my knee replacement so all floor scrubbing under shelves and in tight corners had to be done sitting on my bum.  When you try and scrub like that, your legs get in the way.

For weeks the forecast had been for warmer weather a couple of days down the road.  But for weeks it was basically grey and cool.  Then finally we had a clear, sunny morning.  Plus 25C was promised (that’s 80F in American) – and we actually got it.  It was fantastic to be able to sit on the deck in the afternoon wind and feel hot!

The earlier pussy willows all popped out at once.

2 pusy willows outAnd the pond finally lost all its ice.

3 pond openThe hummingbirds arrived!  Usually one will come for a day or two and they will straggle in.  But they had been waiting for the warm weather and came in a rush.

5 hummersAll day, a greater yellowlegs screeched stridently from high trees.

4 gr yellowlegsIMG_7068The next day I made a quick trip to Williams Lake to pick up some insulation.  It is warmer there.  En route, the aspens were flowering.

6 aspensAnd as I dropped into Williams Lake, new leaves were out!

7 green grass Ws LkThere are lots of mule deer by the road right now.  Cars hit them all the time.  A couple of dead ones lay in the roadside grass.

8 mule deerAs I left town, the temperature began to drop.  This was forecast, too.  I had left my sunbathing chair on the deck, and this is what it looked like the following morning.

9 chairIt was the prettiest snow of the winter because there was no wind.

10 prettiest snowI had not yet unloaded the insulation from the van…

10a insulationMany birds had rushed ahead because of the warm weather, now they were crowding the feeding area.


14a juncoWhite crowned sparrow12 white crowned spGold crowned sparrow.  I have never seen so many of these – about 20 or them.  They will pass through quickly and nest in the alpine.

13 gold crowned spThe ponds were particularly beautiful.  Some new ice had formed but mostly they were open and the lack of wind made them very peaceful.

Female barrows goldeneye.

11 F barrows goldeneyeWith her partner

14 pr barrows goldeneyeThe inevitable mallards

15 mallardsAnd, on the upper pond, a rarer pair of ring-necked ducks.

16 ringnecked ducksIt snowed or sleeted for two days.  Then the morning dawned clear and the temperature dropped to -10C.  We don’t often get a white frost here, it is usually too dry.  But the recent wet weather meant everything turned silver.

17 clear morningThe pond was frozen over again.

18 pond frozenOne advantage of a lot of crappy weather means that when it does clear it is so incredibly beautiful.  The disadvantage is that I never get any work done – I just want to play with my camera.

19 pussy willow lightsI don’t know what happened with this next picture – I did not notice the effect until I put the picture onto the computer.  I’ve never had this happen this before.

20 ringed lights.


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