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Rainbow Mountains trailhead

Then I drove further west to into the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park to the trailhead for the hiking routes into the Rainbow Mountains.  It is right at the top of The Hill on Highway 20.  The burn there had happened a couple of years ago.

Tweedsmuir Park trailheadIt is some years since I’ve hiked that trail and I remembered a part of it being lush with flowers. They have obviously survived the trauma really well, although they are just about finished now.  Here are purple mountain daisies mixed with sitka valerian.  These both are common at Nuk Tessli.  The elevation of the trailhead is the same as my cabins, but this area receives much more rain and snowfall, and the flowers are twice the size.

purple mountain daisies and sitka valerianThere were few fireweed flowers, but the leaves of the plants were already turning colour.

fireweed turning colourfireweed leaves

There were still a few painbrushes left, spectacularly red against the burned wood.


Here is an orange false dandelion

agoseris auranticum And a lovely clump of purple mountain daisies.

purple mountain daisies