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The Falls on the Klinaklini River

I’d heard about these falls for a long time but never had the chance to go there.  We headed past the dump and down towards Finger Peak.

Towards Finger PeakAbout half way there, I decided I didn’t want to drive the road any more so we walked the rest of the way.

the road to KK fallsAccording to the GPS on Lily’s phone, it was only 2 and half more kilometres to the falls.  I have not been on a hike since my operation.  I am still in a lot of pain and need poles for steep country, but it felt so good to walk. I enjoyed these shadows on the rock.

rock shadowsThere were an inordinate number of the saprophytic pine drops.

saprophytic pine dropsWe came to a lookout.

lookout with Finger PeakThe road dropped quite quickly to the river

Klinaklini riverWe could not see the falls themselves very well, so we waded to a sandbar.

sandbar on KlinakliniEven so, this was the best view we could get of the Klinaklini Falls

Klinaklini FallsNearby, a tree root had been thrown up onto the rocks.

7 tree rootAnd overhead, while we ate lunch, a spider’s web glittered in the sun.

8. spiders web