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Spring Snow at Ginty Creek

Upper Klinaklini ValleyOn 17th, we had another gorgeous day.  Gorgeous days can be counted on the fingers of one hand this winter so they are extra-precious.  Here is a view from the north bluff, looking past Finger Peak down the Klinaklini River Valley.

But today it has snowed all day.

spring snow falling at Ginty Creek

Big, floppy saddle-blanket flakes.

blackcapped chickadee in spring snow at Ginty CreekThe chickadees are inured to this weather.  There are three juncos now at the feeder.  I also had a visit from a pine siskin.  They winter here, but I do not see them very often.  Usually they are in large flocks.

pine siskin at the feeder at Ginty CreekHe is smaller than the chickadees but much more aggressive and he chases all the other birds off the feeder.