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Boundary Lake July Fifth, 2011

On the 5th we attempted Boundary Lake.  The easiest way to reach it is to canoe up two lakes then walk to the third. The weather was back to it’s cold, grey gloom.

Three birders goin to Boundary LakeBoundary Lake itself was all but socked in.

Boundary Lake socked inBut it didn’t rain more than a few dribbles, and periodically along the way the bog laurel made splashes of colour.

bog laurelAnd the birding was good.  We saw lots of species and even found three nests: a savannah sparrow’s, a loon’s, and a hermit thrush’s – here are the babies.

baby hermit thrushes in their nest

On the way back to Nuk Tessli, we got a few gleams of sun.  The North Ridge, where we had been the day before, is in the background.

on the way back to Nuk TessliIt was a windy ride home!