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Mammaries 31 August 2011 part two

I followed the creek up to the Mammary Lakes.

a creek in the tundraA good place to stop for lunch.

The Mammaries with HarryNearby, the strange-coloured green-blue gentian was finally flowering a month late.  Most Northamerican gentians do not open wide.  The peculiar colour of this one would indicate that it attracts a very specific pollinator.  Because of the narrow opening, the pollinator would either have a very long tongue or be able to crawl inside.

blue-green gentianI hiked to the saddle at the left of the mammaries.  There are always snow patches there and the dogs make straight for them.

Badger on a snow patchNow I started to climb the Mammaries.  Half way up I was amazed to find several clumps of Moss Campion in full bloom.

Moss CampionIt is amazing where they grow!

Moss campion on edge.