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Rising moon seen through the kitchen window, Ginty CreekUnless you have experienced it, you cannot imagine what it is like to see the full moon shining on the snow.  Especially when there is not a single human light to modify it.

No picture can capture it.  A timed exposure simply makes the landscape look as though it is a duller version of daylight.  A high ISO makes it look too grainy.

moonlight from the bay window, Ginty Creek
Looking down to one of my ponds

Even words cannot do it justice.  Etherial; magical; the essence of Yin.  It is one of the most beautiful things about winter in this country.

The full moon is not until tonight but I took these pictures last night as it looks as though it is going to snow again.  There has been another foot on my road since I got it ploughed (makes two feet altogether).  I phoned Les, the man who cleared it before, but his shop has succumbed to the snow.  Where he lives there is quite a bit more; the 50 by 30-foot roof has collapsed on all his heavy machinery.  He will have to dig the whole thing out before he can dismantle the building and rescue his machinery.  His small tools will be nearly impossible to find….

I don’t need to go anywhere in a hurry but recreational snowmobilers are starting to get into the back country and if they drive back and forth on my road they will pack it down so it will take a lot longer and therefore cost a lot more to get it cleared.  it will also be much harder on the machinery.