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Clayton Falls, Bella Coola

Clayton Falls is used for hydro power for part of the year for Bella Coola.  It is located at the end of highway 20, 3 km past the ferry terminal.

clayton FallsI am fascinated by the abstract pictures the water makes on the water-worn stones.

clayton river






IMG_3990The pool at the bottom of the falls was alive with spawning salmon.  Apparently several of the 5 species are much commoner this year than they have been for a while.

IMG_3984As we came away I was just going to put my hand on the rail to come down the steps when I saw this rather magnificent creature.

IMG_3996Where the Clayton River runs into the sea, there is a small picnic area.

clayton falls picnic areaIn the water, several harbour seals were fishing.

harbour seals


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