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February 2022

At the beginning of February, the road was still good.

Then it got insanely warm again. Not only was the temperature well above freezing, it was accompanied by strong winds. Snow blew off the mountains.

Within 2 days, the road had become a skating rink.

After a couple of nerve-racking trips to the highway I decided to tow the ATV out so I could park out there. I had chains for my old truck but they did not fit the one I bought last spring. The ATV, however, had chains.

Digital Camera

I tried to keep one wheel of the truck on the slim band of snow at the edge. Naturally, I misjudged and slid into the soft snowbank. I untied the ATV, and, after a deal of digging and putting the truck into low four, I was able to get myself out. I was proud of myself – there’s life in this old lady yet!

I wanted to make a trip to Bella Coola. I’d had two injections of fresh veg during the winter from friends passing by, but had not been shopping myself since mid November. Making such a trip depends on the weather, and also when fresh produce arrives in Bella Coola (twice a week). The day I decided to leave was going to be sunny. But it was also 12C, pretty nippy to be riding 4 km on the ATV in the dark. But I was rewarded by a clear sunrise at Nimpo Lake.

And, not far along, a view of the Itchas

The gravel road north of Anahim Lake was frozen so I made good time.

A thin haze took the brilliance out of the light, but it was still clear. Here is Mount Stupendous at the bottom of The Hill.

My friends looked after Pepita while I went shopping. They had had tons of snow but, with all the thawing, it had settled to a frozen crust.

It was well above freezing when I headed home, and the mud had turned to slop.

The haze thickened and the Rainbows looked gloomy, but still, it was a great trip – lovely to see a change of scene after being winter-bound for so long.

Spring is moving along, and the sun is now climbing Nogwhon when it sets.

But clear days are still sporadic.

With all the thawing, Highway 20 has been clear for some time. On February 17, there was not a blemish on it.

But two days later, baby potholes had already sprouted. Half the road disintegrated in last years’ breakup. I wonder how this year will go.

It began to feel very springlike, but on the 20th we had a bit of a shock. The temperature dropped to -35C. I put two thermometers out there to check, and they both recorded the same.

Such clear skies product lovely evening colours.

It warmed up fairly quickly, but the next two days were cool and foggy enough to place frost on the trees.

The warmth brought a bit of snow, and the trail camera finally came up with some interesting photos. The first a coyote (there have been hundreds of tracks throughout the winter) and the second a fox. It is likely a spruce grouse that the fox is holding.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

The snow made the road drivable again although it was still icy in places. It stayed pretty white among the trees (in a sloppy, icy way) but in the open it has started to break up.

The river, too, is starting to shrug off the ice.