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World Wide Weather Website.

1. gloom

I was recently informed of this fascinating world wide weather website.  It comes from Norway!  So far, it has proved to be just about as accurate as the “local” Puntzi Mountain site 100 km from my place (in other words, not all that much.)  But the site is amazing as it lists every little tinpot place imaginable.  It’s even got Kleena Kleene in there, and Heckman Pass, which is at the top of the Bella Coola Hill.  (There is also a weather cam at the top of The Hill, but at night or in thick weather you cannot see anything.)  The other amazing thing is that the info pops up instantly – far faster than anything on Google.  I have looked up all sorts of microscopic places that I have come across all over the world and within a split second, they are on the screen.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page of each place, you get a bit of info  – including population.  It says Kleena Kleene’s population is 0!  There are in fact 10 or 12 of us within a 10-mile circle.  Anyway, I have had a lot of fun with this site!