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Cattle Drive Party Part Two

Precipice Valley

Although the Precipice is much wetter than Ginty Creek and gets a lot more snow, it is also warmer, and at cattle drive party time it is very lush.

The Precipice Valley is very lush

This year, half of it was under water.  The Hotnarko River has made a lake beside Fred and Monika’s house.

Fred's house beside the flooded Hotnarko

The valley is a fabulous place for birds, especially among the bushes close to the Hotnarko River.

Every second bird seemed to be a yellow warbler.

yellow warbler in the Precipice Valley

A rarer species was the American Redstart.  The male is black with bright orange sides.  The female is warbler-coloured.

female American redstart

Every bit of grass was covered with dandelions and one of the insects attracted to them was the bee hawk moth.  It is smaller than the hummingbird hawk moth, but related.  They move and ook very bee-like until you get close to them.

bee hawk moths love dandelions

At this time of year, the Precipice Valley is crawling with bears.  Many people saw five as they travelled back and forth but I saw only this fat, happy guy on the far side of a big hay meadow.  Bears absolutely love dandelions.  As these plants are introduced, one wonders what they ate before the settlers came!

bear in the Precipice Valley