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Fish Lake Trail 25th August 2011 Part Two

I walked across the tundra to the back side of the bump I can see from my cabin.  En route I found this marmot hole thoroughly excavated, by a grizzly bear no doubt.

marmot holeAs I climbed higher, I could see into the upper McClinchy River.  This is the headwaters of the river that flows through my winter place at Ginty Creek.   There is some very pretty hiking at the head of that valley.

headwaters of McClinchy RiverIt is quite a few years since I have climbed the small bump.  I remember two species of flowers that I have not seen for a while – one, the Fairy Candelabra, was not visible anywhere, but the mineature Lyall’s Lupin was blooming in fine style.  The plant is no bigger than a clover.

miniatrue lyalls lupinBut I was delighted to find a good show of Silvery Butterweed.

senecio canis

And at the top was my favourite.  The Alpine Harebell.  It’s trumpet is nearly an inch long, and it has virtually no stem.  These great bells lie scattered among the rocks.

alpine harebell(The oval leaves just in front of it are actually a species of miniature willow.)

The bump may be insignificant, but it has a tremendous panoramic view.  Looking north, one sees Avalanche Lake on the left and Banana Lake on the right. (and yes the bugs were terrible up there, too!)

Avalanche and Banana LakesAnd here is my lake.  Nuk Tessli’s cabins are behind the islands on the right.  Mt Monarch is on the left almost above Octopus Lk.

a panoramic view of my lakemy cabins