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Alexis Creek Daze

I was asked to give a slide show last Saturday at the Alexis Creek Daze.  Alexis Creek is about 2/3 of the way to Williams Lake.  It was lovely to leave at a more civilized hour and enjoy some of the flowers on the roadside.  Particularly showy was a species of fleabane.

fleabane species

2 fleabane closeupNearby was a species of wild onion (all my books are packed during the renovations so I am not sure which.)

wild onion speciesAt the Alexis Creek Daze, the morning had been filled with poker rides for both horses and atvs.  Patrick and I arrived in time for the reining demonstration after lunch.  It was very hot.  Apparently the temperature reached 32C.

4. bleachers

5. on railsI was somewhat intrigued by the warring sentiments this young man was displaying!

11. two sentimentsThe horses were started and stopped and turned in circles, all using the reins agains the neck.

6. reining displayIMG_3372I am not very good at taking pictures of moving subjects!

7. rear endThere were lots of competitions like horseshoe- pitching

8. Horseshoe pitching.And roping the cow.

9. roping the cow 1Here is a close-up of the “cow” in case you didn’t get that in the above picture.

10. cowThere was also arm wrestling, a talent show, and a tug of war.  Before I could take a picture of the latter, the rope broke and both sides crashed to the ground!  Thirteen gallons of Chili had been entered into the chili competition, and that is what we all ate for supper with baked potatoes and home grown salad.  What a treat.