Books by Chris Czajkowski

IMG_9376Books by Chris Czajkowski are listed in the order in which they were published, with the latest at the top.

And the River Still Sings (to be published September 2014)






Lonesome – 10th Anniversary Edition (to be published September 2014: See the original version.)






Ginty’s Ghostdetails

gnty's ghost





A Wilderness Dweller’s Cookbook  –  details

a wildernessdweller's cookbook





A Mountain Year  –  details

cover of A Mountain Year





Wildfire in the Wilderness  –  details

cover of wildfire in the Wilderness





Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog  –  details

cover of Lonesome, memoirs of a wilderness dog





Snowshoes and Spotted Dick  –  details

cover of snowshoes and spotted dick





Nuk Tessli: The Life of a Wilderness Dweller  –  details

cover of Nuk Tessli, the life of a wildernessdweller





Diary of a Wilderness Dweller  –  details

cover of Diary of a wildernessdweller





Blockhaus am Singenden Fluss  –  details

cover of Blockhaus am singenden fluss





Cabin at Singing River  –  details

cover of cabin at Singing River





To Stalk the Oomingmak  –  details





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