The affects of Covid

I have often mentioned that my life has not changed a lot since the restrictions were put into place, but I feel I should comment a bit about the affects of the covid as far as I am concerned. Whereas there is much tragedy involved with this virus, there has also been humour. Here, for instance, are my favourite masks.

This one outside a medical facility

And my all time favourite,

I do not normally look at the news all that often, but I started checking the covid figures and was soon sucked in to all kinds of other news. One thing that amazed and amused me was how some of the websites zeroed in to the location of my server, which is Tatla Lake. Global News and CNN seemed to be the worst culprits.

First of all you need to know a bit about Tatla Lake, which is my social centre. It has a church, school, clinic, motel, restaurant, library and store. This is because it is the centre point for a community of around 300 souls that is spread for a radius of over an hour’s drive in three directions – in other words, about 2 hours’ drive from end to end. Here is the downtown core (taken last spring.)

downtown Tatla Lake

So I chuckled at the advertisements:

(Don’t know why I am building my own house!)

(Don’t you love the dirty fingernails?)

I wish!

Checking on the news, I could not help but be sucked in by the horrific soap opera of the American election. What is wrong with these people? It was not just locals (whites) who joined the assault on the White House. People flew in from all over. Two nurses from Canada even joined in – one has since lost her job. People are citing conspiracies – what I can’t figure out is whom these conspiracies benefit?

I don’t want to get into this in detail – one would need to write a book. But I will say that Trump has an unfortunate face. Its extreme mobility lends itself to cartoons. There have been hundreds on the internet, but my favourite is this.

And yes, it is a real word!

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  1. Hi chris! Yes, us oldies are definitely being sucked into more screen time with the soap operas and all. Thank god I have Tilly to get me out hiking regularly. We’ll have to break our new addiction soon…spring is just around the corner!

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