SAR Occupational First Aid

Last weekend our local SAR ran an Occupational First Aid course.  I completed this last year – and I don’t have to re-do it for two years more – but during the course I was too busy to take pictures so I went along to this one for fun.  Here are a few shots.When you roll a patient over, one person is supposed to support the head.  Almost everyone had done this course before, so often we just substituted some fake hands –  filched from a Halloween display.A choking patientCPRUsing the AED machine – Johanna waiting for the machine to tell her the shock has been administered and it’s safe to continue with CPR.Our audiencePackaging for moving into a stretcher.Can’t see much of the patient!

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I have lived for more than 30 years as a Wilderness Dweller. Most of that time was in cabins I built myself far from the nearest road, high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. My "retirement" home is accessible by a bush road but still far from neighbours. I live off the grid, and operate this blog by solar-powered satellite internet.
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  1. Jim, Carol lister smith says:

    Hi Chris, what do you charge for two persons for one week? Do you have a canoe for guests to use? We are older folks who love the outdoors and being active. We bike and kayak, and ride a motorcycle. Have read some of your earlier books. Hope that one day you will visit Martina at blue heron books in Comox. Thank you. Sincerely Jim and Carol.

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