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  1. Hello Chris,
    This is my first time contacting you but I have followed your blog for years. I live in Kamloops and have attended two of your book promotions. I also own several of your books. Your time at Nuk Tessli is a dream I wish I could claim for my own. Fascinating and wonderful for sure.
    I am seriously considering being part of the July 14 – 18 trip this year. I am a 66 year old female who plans trips into the alpine every summer where possible. I would be travelling alone as my dear husband passed sadly away from cancer back in March 2016
    I know you are an expert on this area and have a few basic concerns before booking this.
    How many places are there to buy gasoline between Williams Lake and Nimpo Lake?
    What time does the plane depart Nimpo Lake? Does one need to spend the night there for a super early takeoff?
    Could one potentially sleep in their vehicle at Nimpo (and have access to an outhouse or bathroom)?
    Do guests going to Nuk Tessli leave their vehicles parked at Nimpo in a certain place and if so, is there a charge for doing so?
    Is there a minimum number of guests registered for the 14-18th trip to go ahead?

    Thank you and stay warm, this is turning out to be a very cold winter. It is good for reducing those nasty biting insects of June however.

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