Thanksgiving at the Precipice.

1-aaa-dinnerI had Thanksgiving dinner at the Precipice this year.  All the regular cattle drive party-goers were there.  It was lovely to see them (we are all scattered so rarely meet at any other time.)  Because of the distances and long, lonely road travelled, it is expected that we stay overnight – there are always enough rooms, cabins, and beds to go round.

It was snowing a little when I left home, and the temperature was such that the flakes dissolved on the ground but stuck to branches, highlighting them in an interesting way.20-snowy-treeIt took an elevation gain of only a few feet to make everything whiter.21-my-roadI have constantly bewailed the lack of fall colours this year, but the cottonwoods en route and down in the Precipice gave the best show yet.  The logging road south of Anahim Lake was very pretty.22-logging-road


23-coloursThe tote road is much narrower.23a-tote-roadIt drops steeply so soon I was out of the snow zone.24-tote-roadAs always, one must run the gauntlet between Fred’s stone people, which now number in the hundreds.  Higher up, they wore snow hats.24a-snow-hatsI have never yet managed to take a satisfactory picture to show the multitudes.  It is possible only to pick out one or two.25-stone-personNote the narrow base on the next one.25a-stone-person-2The bottom of the valley was rich with colour, as always, a whole different world.26-bottomPat was preparing the yams in their log, solar-powered house.27-patLee is fixing the potatoes.28-leeAs we have now come to expect, their organization was superb and the party went as parties should.  Thank you Pat and Lee for another wonderful visit to your precious hidden valley.30-pat

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  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving. We had a quiet one by ourselves up at the cabin. It was a nice weekend weather wise, but we are getting lots of storms this week. I’ve always wanted to participate in a cattle drive, but I’m not sure my bottom and leg muscles would hold out any more. – Margy
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  2. How nice to see the familiar and fondly remembered Chilcotin. Always enjoy, appreciate your blogs Chris. Our world has been white for almost 2 weeks-could a long winter.

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