Raining Again.

7 black morningOur summer lasted exactly four days.  Now it is raining again.  The following photos don’t show the extent of the gloom and wetness we’ve had this last couple of weeks, because I generally took pictures only when the sun shone, which is usually early in the morning.1 summer didn't last longSome things in my garden didn’t work – the strawberries made about 6 flowers then gave up.  Fortunately a friend had luscious ones and I was able to buy from him.  The greens are loving the rain, though.gardenChard and Kohl Rabi in the foreground, spinach and lettuce in the back.  The red stuff is mostly a red mustard.  It’s leaves are four times the size they are most years.  The spinach and mustards are all making flower stalks.  The minute it turns hot (if ever) they will bolt.red mustardThere are mushrooms everywhere – unusual in the spring.  Each of these boletis would not fit on a dinner plate.dinner plate mushroomsThe meadow flowers are beginning to look a bit ratty, but now the lance-leaved stonecrops are coming into their own.  They are making a fantastic display this year.5 stonecrop

5a stonecrop 2And the paintbrush patch is at its peak.  (How much prettier they look when there is a little sun to set them off!)6 paintbrushThere is a great crop of soopollallie this year – I commented in an earlier post how many flowers we had.  This is only the second time in ten years I have seen a berry crop like this.  A lot of people don’t like the taste, but I think they are delicious.  Thin skinned and juicy so very squishy to pick, though.soopolalie berriesOne morning we had a spectacular drama.9 red light

10 red light 2At the same time, in the south, was the bottom end of an amazing rainbow. (It is hovering over the north ridge or Perkin’s Peak – see previous post.)11 rainbow 1

12 rainbow 2

13 rainbow 3As the sun climbed higher, it caught the new solar panels on the internet tower.  (No batteries yet, so all that power is going nowhere!)14 internet towerThe display lasted about half an hour.  Then cloud began to swallow the mountains.15 clouding overAnd this was the last I saw of the sun -and the mountains – for a couple more days.16 last of sun.



4 thoughts on “Raining Again.”

  1. That rainbow is God’s Promise. Our state is enduring a drought at the present time, so we wouldn’t mind if you sent a little of that rain our way.

  2. What beautiful pictures you have taken of the rainbow.You have quite the bounty of greens growing around you.When I get kale and I love kale,I have in the past oven dried it but my son eats it faster than I can basically dry it. The rain bring all things to life.All the pictures your sharing are just beautiful.

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