Christmas Day

1 gloomThis morning is the first for quite a while that I haven’t had to brush off the solar panels at first light, and later sweep the deck and vehicles.  Not that there has been a lot of snow – about 15″ on the ground right now – but it keeps coming in dribbles and sprinkles.  And it stays dull.

Which made Christmas Day all the more extraordinary.  At night the overcast was so thick I could not even see the position of the full moon, although the night was light with its milky glow.  But as daylight came, the fog started to clear.

6 fog clearingIt was magical.

7 Finger peak poking

8 cottonwoods only orange and blue

9 xmas morning panoramaEven the back yard looked gorgeous.10 back yard                                      Part of the extra beauty was because it had snowed all day on the 24th.  However, it was not the usual snow.  Every flake was an absolute gem.  I tried to photograph it but without a lot of success.mass snow

The flakes showed up best on the solar panels.2 snowflakesjpg


4 snowflakesjpg


5 snowflakeOnce all the shovelling was done, the sun was high, and I had of course to go for a hike.12 noon

Breaking trail is now slightly harder work.13 trail into sun

The delicate, fluffy snow piled on everything and all looked completely new.14 aspen pattern

15 trail in forest

Periodically, dollops of snow were loosened, and when backlit by the sun, golden streams of fairy dust cascaded from the tops.  I stood for long periods trying to capture this with the camera, but the only falling snow I was able to snap fell on me!

16 snow falling on meI climbed up onto the south bluffs.

17 up on bluffsThe river below is now mostly frozen18 frozen riverI love the halo formed by the sun behind the snow.19 backlit ridgeBut as the sun set it dropped into the cloud that was building up over the mountains.  The next day it was gloomy again.20 sunset into fog

11 thoughts on “Christmas Day”

  1. Snowflake Bentley would be quite enthused with your snowflake photos. You and Mother Nature have a great relationship. Bonnie

  2. HI haven’t chatted for sometime glad to see your doing well. Love the photos and I Missed the Christmas eve full moon due to kids over .
    I’m in “town” for the winter to work and already can’t wait for spring to get to my cabin. You mentioned building a new dream home ? Fill me in on this . Guess I always thought each home you built was the dream home.
    take care
    Mary Anderson
    Sioux Lookout. ONT

  3. Those snowflake pictures are amazing… Such beauty and complexity in such a small speck. thank you for sharing! I LOVE you blog and your pictures and look forward to what you have to share in each post! Happy New Year

  4. I so enjoy this blog and the wonderful pictures. The snowflake pictures reminded me of this book by Wilson Bentley that photographed snowflakes. I do believe he was known as the first photographer in doing so . He captured snowflakes with a black velvet background before they melted. Life gives us magic everywhere if we only look sometimes just the ordinary is spectacular. Thanks for opening the memory box for me. I wish you a cold winter to keep things going your way in cabin life and enough sun to keep those solar panels humming along to keep up your great blogs going. Have a merry winter season.

  5. Once again the beauty of your surroundings is awesome… What a wonderful world you live in…. Thanks for sharing your special place….. Always look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your comments…

  6. Snowflakes are a complete marvel to me! That every one is 6 sided and each is magnificent in design – mind blowing. Love the beautiful, snowy post Chris, including the starfish hanging in your window.

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