Nuk Tessli – The North Ridge Meadows

2 1 karen long meadowThe best flowers at Nuk Tessli this year were in the meadows below the north ridge.  At this point we have climbed slowly for a couple of hours and are now wading through the flowers of Long Meadow.  Again, I have combined two trips.
4 daisies and lakePurple daisies were rare, but the yellow mountain arnica and white valerian were plentiful.

3 2 doreenThe pink is river beauty or mountain fireweed.

5 Mt fireweedLooking towards the north ridge. Another rare but striking clump of common red paintbrush.

1 2 paintbrush and snowshoe mtKaren at the top of the knoll.  It was very windy.

6 1 karen at mm lookoutNearby were some regular fireweed. established in the disturbed ground of a marmot hole.

6a 2 ll fireweedWe walked to the ponds and hunted up the weirdly-coloured inky gentians.  They are fully open.

7 inky gentian

8 1 panoramaIt was here that we turned back.  The wind was a raging gale. A lot of the ponds are dry.

9 1 windy

10 1 dave and wildernessThe leather-leaved saxifrage seeds made a colourful display.

11 2 ll sax seedsThey were near a mossy seep.

12 2 mosy seepThis was the only water-fed area in a very dry landscape.  Red-stemmed saxifrage grew along one of the little creeks.

13 2 redstemmed saxAlpine willowherb.

7a 1 alpine willowherbDoreen buried among the sweet-scented white bog orchids.

14 2 doreen and bog orchidsAll good things come to an end.  I will have to put the alpine flowers away for another year.

15 2 last pic


5 thoughts on “Nuk Tessli – The North Ridge Meadows”

  1. Think I met my Soul viewing these latest photos from Nuk Tessli.
    And snow on mountains, still. Living in North Carolina now, I forget that there is snow where you go.
    Thanks, Chris.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I loved the bull moose and all the colors of the flowers. How about a picture of you???

  3. Yes, I totally agree with Bonnie.
    Amazing and beautiful pictures. A book is there, not just another flower book, but one combined with your brilliant photos, pictures and words.
    What a special treat to see that moose!
    Barbara recently posted…The StormMy Profile

  4. I really enjoy all your photos, the mountains and flowers are just spectacular. It’s such a change of scenery from our area. Thank YOU for sharing all that beauty.

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