Spring Block at Kleena Kleene

1 drab chilcotinAfter Bella Coola, the Chilcotin around Kleena Kleene looked drab.  It has been so cold.  Maniacle winds have littered the road with fallen trees.  They are so fierce and cold that I have gone back to wearing longjohns and 2 sweaters and a coat outside.  Spring here has been put on hold.

2 pussy willowsThere are a few tiny signs.  The pussy willows are now in flower.  On the occasions when the sun shines, the red willow twigs glow.

5 willow twigs

3 aspens and red willowsThe ice hung for a while on the pond.

4 last of iceAnd new ice would form overnight.  (This is a male mallard with his cute curly tail.)

6 mallardThe sunrises, which are often stormy, are reflected in the pond.

7 surnise on pondHere is a picture of Nogwon apropos of nothing.  It was simply a pretty picture!

7a orange nogwonA few more birds are turning up.  Barrow’s Goldeneyes

8 barrows goldeneyesAnd there is nothing more beautiful than to have a calm, frosty morning and hear the song sparrow sing.  (Looks kinda cold, though.)

9 sing sparrowThe river is still low.  All the snow is held up in the mountains due to the cold weather.

10 riverThe soopollalie is out in great abundance.  Will we get a good berry crop this year?  (This is a male bush.)

11 soopollalieAnd in a sheltered spot, the first dandelion!

12 dandelionWhite-crowned sparrows have arrived but they aren’t singing much yet.  Too cold.

13white crownedAnd the purple finch.

16 purple finchYesterday, two pair of ring-necked ducks visited for a short while.

14 ringnecksTo be followed by the green-winged teal yoga class.

15 greenwing tealThe other morning there was a strange light at sunrise.

17 odd gloomThe sun found a tiny gap in the clouds.

18 dramatic light

19 dramatic lighjt 2And soon it was snowing again.

20 keeps snowing


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