A Post of Links

Several interesting blogs and websites have come my way recently and I thought I’d put them all together in a post of links.

1.  Tatlayoki Think Tank

Before I left for the Galiano Writers Festival (see previous post), we had a benefit at the Tatla Lake Hall to raise money for medical equipment.  The Tatla Clinic falls between two stools regarding government funding so the community got together, under the auspices of our “retired,” very hard-working Dr Mike, and managed to raise $20,000 towards much needed equipment.  We did this with the usual potluck supper and auction.  Our little hall was Jammed!  Entertainment was mainly in the form of a Video that John Kerr, creator of Tatlayoko Think Tank, had put together about a Chilcotin nurse (who is based further east at Alexis Creek) who volunteered to help fight Ebola.  Here is the video.   We may not have a lot of facilities on the Chilcotin, but we have a lot of skilled and dedicated people living among us.

2. Nicole Lishewski’s Book



Those of you who have been following Nicole’s blog will know about this, her latest post.  (Nicole’s blog is on my blogroll.) She lives much the same way I used to do at Nuk Tessli – access is long and difficult overland and water, but flyable if necessary.   She originated from Germany but writes an English version of her blog – unfortunately the book is only in German so far.   We have not yet met as her home is far to the north, but we’ll get there one day.  We often correspond in the morning dark and I think it is amazing that the two of us, vastly separated by distance, very wild country, and difficult weather, can link our night-bound, monk-like cells so easily via the Internet.

3.  Terra (Punky) Hatch

A rancher, teacher, outfitter, parent, Terra (known as Punky for most of her life) was born into local ranch and outfitting life, as were her parents.  For many years the family have owned and operated Six Mile Ranch, the base for both the ranching and outfitting operations.  They will take people on horseback trips, and also horse-supported walking trips.  They are one of 3 outfitters in the area, all of whom give wonderful experiences. Punky has been going along since she was an infant, Now she, her husband, and her own children, take a much more active part.

Recently, Terra started her own blog: Mountains Beyond the Cows. It is an “in” joke referring to the Chilcotin classic about the area, Grass  Beyond the Mountains  by Rich Hobson.  I will put a link on my sidebar to her blog.

4. Natural Homes by Inspiring Women

Not much I can add to this except to tell you to look at the link.  Truly amazing constructions.

5. Nuk Tessli

Just a note to say It has now been confirmed that I will be guiding 3 separate trips at Nuk Tessli this year.  The first will be July 16 – 19, the second, July 19 – 22nd, and the third, July 22 – 25.  There are two spaces left on the middle trip and 4 on each of the others.  I will be puttering along slowly and looking at flowers; if people want faster trips, Doron, one of the two current owners of Nuk Tessli, will take them.  Doron is an excellent guide and fun to be with.


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